Seaside at Buyukcekmece

Project Summary

In the huge empty parcel by the seaside at Buyukcekmece, I’ve developed a number of alternatives. None were implemented, and by 2020, the site was still empty.

For your perusal, here is what we called Narrows back then. This is a large Seaside Mall + Hotel Tower + Residential Tower Complex, the likes of which can be found all over Turkey. The project also called for the seaside promenade to be upgraded to a tourist attraction. In order to reduce costs, the reinforced concrete units used to build this complex is all prefabricated repeating elements.

Quick Alternatives

Now this is a story: On the morning of the presentation of the Narrows to the Mayor of Buyukcekmece, we receive the news that the Mayor wants to see two alternatives with glass facades – more business-like – for consideration as office towers. We are also told that the cortege is en route, and we have approximately 45 minutes to produce them. Immediately, I take over the whole junior architect base of the firm and come up with these two in an hour. Mind you, they are not only pretty images; these have actual space allocation charts and sketch plans as well! – I just feel sorry for our office manager at the time who had to keep the Mayor busy for 15 solid minutes of hell.


Bridging Blocks

Nestled among the trees of a wooded suburb of Istanbul, this dedicated home-office complex is designed as a number of blocks stacked on top of each other to form an environmentally conscious, elegant, proud, and functional composition.

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Living Blocks

A project of townhouses nested on top of each other and in optimal positions with regards to the sun, wind, green exposure, reachability, and vista access.

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