Financial Centre School Zone

Project Summary

Another project in the same complex as the Financial Centre Administrative is the School Zone Development. The project calls for an Early Learning Centre and a separate building housing the Elementary and High Schools – all for the residents and workers of the vast Istanbul Finance Centre.

I developed two alternatives for this project. The first one that gradually hugs the steep hillside plot is my favourite of the two. The second one slashes deep into the hill, carves a chunk out and places the school building inside the eviscerated landscape – not the most elegant approach – but a pretty yellow beast of a building nevertheless.

Cliffhugger Alternative

The school comes gradually down the cliff, terrace by terrace, step by step, gently and harmoniously with the nature around it. The green-tinted fencing of each terrace compliments the natural greenery around it. Ah, the bliss… It creates a gentle contrast with the proud mass of the Financial Centre Residences in the background. The childcare centre facade is bright rainbow glass, vibrant and lively – a splash of flowery freshness on the green.

The Proud Alternative

This alternative is at least as proud as the Istanbul Finance Centre mass in the background – and very yellow too; in order to add to its strength. Three school wings dominate the hillside, while the rainbow-clad childcare centre from the previous alternative still stands dutifully to the side.


Dardanelles Green

The project I made for Dardanelles Green Competition was somewhat of a rule-challenger. It did get a lot of talk – not a prize, however. You don’t win every battle. 🙂

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