The Architect

This page covers my experience and education as an Architect.

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Ozguven Architecture Ltd.

  • Description: Senior Architect.
  • Focus: Large-Scale Buildings and Urban Development Projects in Istanbul, and Ankara.
  • Roles: Architectural design of several large-scale complex urban development and building design projects.

Utopia Architecture Ltd.

  • Description: Senior Architect.
  • Focus: Large-Scale Buildings and Urban Development Projects in Istanbul.
  • Roles: Architectural Design of 8 buildings, hotels, mosques, residential complexes, sports centres; Management of teams of junior architects and draftspeople for the production of design and construction documentation for these projects. Also, Urban Design of a 500.000 sqm urban renovation project in Western Istanbul Suburbs.

ATK Construction Ltd.

  • Description: Architectural Coordinator
  • Focus: Coordination of three hospital projects undertaken in Northern Iraq by ACA Alliance of Australia with the ATK Construction Teams in Iraq. Specs, budgeting, time and workforce management.
  • Roles: This role required constant communication and coordination with the Australian Design Office, the Japanese Quality Assurance Office, and the Turkish Field Office in Iraq. In the short time that I spent in this role, I also designed and built the new ATK Construction Istanbul offices.

Maru Design Ltd.

  • Description: Design and architectural development of patented new modular exhibition stand system.
  • Focus: Producing alternative architectural designs that pushed the system to its limit was the prime focus. Interior design projects in the company portfolio were also done.
  • Roles: Worked with engineering teams to optimise the system and test its limits.

Ottoman Hotels Group

  • Description: As the Lead Architect, total redesign and renovation of a hotel in Old City Istanbul.
  • Focus: Contracted to do the redesign for the hotel and lead the design and construction teams.
  • Roles: Architectural design, leading of team for construction drawings, producing specs and selecting suppliers, and finally, the construction itself. Finished in two years, during which small renovations to other hotels within the company portfolio were also undertaken and completed.

Kulin Interior Arch. Ltd.

  • Description: Interior Architect 
  • Focus: Boutique interior design projects. Interior design and construction of several houses and commercial projects in Istanbul, Bodrum and Baku; as well as a Moroccan Bathhouse.
  • Roles: Interior architectural design, modeling, client relationship, liaison with construction teams.

Turkish Navy

  • Description: Compulsory Military Service in Turkish Navy, as Military Architect.
  • Focus: Military architectural works under the jurisdiction of North Sea Tactical Command.
  • Roles: Project management of the construction of Officers’ Lodgings in and around Istanbul.

Remar Arch. & Deco. Ltd.

  • Definition: Exhibition stand design and construction company.
  • Focus: Concept-design high-end stands for upper-bracket customers.
  • Roles: Started out as a junior architectural designer, and during the nearly three years here, rose to department lead. Designed 47 stands, and built 11, in Frankfurt, Berlin, Milan, Paris, Istanbul and Izmir.

Tago Architecture Ltd.

  • Definition: Summer internship.
  • Focus: Architectural design office experience. Worked on interior projects and exhibition stands.
  • Roles: Architectural Drafting.

Amasya Restoration Prj.

  • Definition: Summer internship in historical town Amasya, working on restoration projects along the Green River.
  • Focus: 500-plus-years-old vernacular houses and town buildings.
  • Roles: Survey and Drafting.

About Me

I’ve started designing buildings at the age of 8. The first ones were LEGO, of course – I’ve never really accepted the formulated LEGO designs and did my own thing instead.


Later on, after dabbling with Space Engineering for a while, I changed my educational focus to Architecture, and then Masters in Architectural Design, with the dreams of building on Mars. It was 2002, and the Millenium was new.


Two decades in, I have 35 buildings, 24 interiors, 47 exhibition stands and 2 urban-scale designs behind me. Dozens of these have been built – none on Mars though. Well, c’est la vie. I love what I do, and I know I do it well, and at the end of the day, I guess that’s what matters.



Master of Architecture

Istanbul Technical University, Turkey


Bachelor of Building Design

Karadeniz Technical University, Turkey


Architectural Design 90%
Building Design 85%
Exhibition Stand Design 80%
Design Team Management 75%
Architectural Drafting 75%
Project Management 70%
Interior Design 65%
Revit 85%
AutoCAD 90%
Sketchup 95%
Rhinoceros 3D 55%
Grasshopper 65%
Photoshop 95%
Illustrator 85%
Adobe Premiere 70%
InDesign 80%
3ds Max 70%
Asana 90%
Slack 75%
Unity 3D 60%
Unreal Engine 50%


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Joseph Waddington

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Diane Geter

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