Seaside Towers in Trabzon

Residential towers in Trabzon, Turkey; with commercial and social units scattered across the tower bases and gardens.

Hillside Residence

One of the works that I am most fond of, this mega-building of several townhouses, apartments, and commercial units spans a 36-meter height difference on a hillside plot.

Plaza for Automotive Centre

The central plaza for Ankara’s Automotive Industrial Zone – a little bit of verticality within an otherwise flat space.

Dentist’s Clinic in Istanbul

A dentist clinic in Istanbul, with lots of whites.

University Childcare Centre

Early Education Centre for the University of Dardanelles. Several play-and-learning rooms surrounding a vast central courtyard, as well as a multi-purpose hall for staging plays and functions for families and (or by) children.

A Builder’s Office

A quick internal work for the construction company’s own offices.

Shopping Mall at Shifa, Tuzla

This flasghip project for a young architecture firm that I helped start was also the first mall to be designed for its upcoming district.

Apartment in Istanbul East

Apartment redesign for a client who wanted traditional shapes but exciting colours.

Hotel at the Historical Peninsula

A boutique hotel renovation at the Istanbul Historical Peninsula, Ottoman Hotel Park is the my first solo flight, so to speak.

Hotel Extension Rooms

Rooms for the roof extension to a Hotel in the Old Town Istanbul.